" Not only did we sell our house with Rhonda and Peter, we subsequently purchased two properties with them. They know all the ins and outs of working with your township, permits, c/o, etc. They also know people in all the trades that you might need to employ for outstanding issues. Rhonda and Peter do it all; you will not have to worry about anything, except booking a mover."
Angela Wyckoff

"Rhonda and Peter recently sold our house in Farmingdale. Like all good realtors, they accurately appraised our home and did an exemplary job of selling it in a difficult market. However, what d istinguished them from other realtors we have used in the past was the way they methodically and effectively handled the process from listing to closing. When a buyer was found and an inspection called for repairs to be made to our home, Rhonda and Peter found reputable contractors, had estimates and reports prepared, and arranged for the work to be completed. They accomplished much of this while we were absent, greatly simplifying the complexities of our out-of-state move. Wonderful people, a great team, and true professionals, Rhonda and Peter have enabled us to get on with the next phase of our lives, spending more time with our children and grandchildren, now that we are in close proximity to them. Thank you Rhonda and Peter!!! We will remember you always."
Edwin and Sandra Cross 

"Peter and Rhonda are "The Best Realtors" you will find. If you want your property sold, call them. They are hands on. They help with everything you will need. They will be with you through every step of the process. We met Peter and Rhonda 4 years ago when they sold our home in Farmingdale. When it was time to sell this house in Toms River we called Peter and Rhonda again, we had a buyer in 12 days. We couldn't ask for anyone better."
Jack and Linda Donnelly 

"Peter and Rhonda are the best!!..My mom was unexpectedly sick and needed to be in assisted living. I had to vacate and clean out her place immediately it was impossible having 3 kids and my own home not nearby. Her place was a disaster. After speaking with other realtors, Peter and Rhonda were the real deal. They truly care and helped Me without even asking most times. They were indispensable and invaluable and I can't express how much they did and how much they helped. I never thought realtors were like this and I'm quite sure they're not, these guys are just special. I recommend them most sincerely and without hesitation. My moms place sold within 6 months. Thanks again!!"
Anita Gopinathan Prabhat 

"Pete & Rhonda were hands down the best. They made selling my house a breeze with their knowledge and dedicated commitment! They are not only two of the best realtors, but also two of the ni cest people I have ever met. I highly recommend them for your next real estate needs!"
Joe & Olivia

"I want to thank both you and Peter for your above-the-call help to my parents in maintaining and finding a buyer for the Holmdel Rd. House, and also in dealing with the two awful tenant situati ons. I suppose there must be times in realty when a house just won't move and the seller should be doing more about it - but I fear this must have been one for the books! Thank you for your kindness, patience, and professionalism. What you and Peter did has had, and will have, a positive ripple-effect on my parents' quality of life. Please know your work is deeply appreciated."
Anne Chandler 

"The wackie world of Realty" Here's to the wonderful team of Rhonda and Pete! This is a team that can't be beat! Rhonda is like the mermaids kiss, so warm, so tender and oh so sweet! Peter, of course, is truly a man's man He's strong like a bull, and takes all the hits but never gives in to defeat! In the 1860's an old Irish poet named "Arthur William Edgar O'Shaughnesy" wrote these few lines:- "We are the music-makers We are the dreamers of dreams Wondering by lone sea breakers Yet we are the movers and world shakers of the world forever it seems!" I can't believe over a hundred and some years go this old poet had you two "Peter and Rhonda" in mind - you are truly the world's movers and shakers!"
Joan and Frank Fleming